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New spoke-models have arrived:


- Aero418 (1,2 x 2,2mm - like CX-sprint), J + SP

- Aero494, J-Bend, silver (250-300mm) - Get Quote




To ambitious wheel builders, we'd like to give the opportunity to think and build "outside the box".

Our assortment of specialty aero spokes is continually being expanded. Please let us know about your wishes or suggestions.


Of course, spokes need nipples, which we can offer in a broad range of colors.

14mm aluminum nipples are the best choice for most applications and do not require alternatives.

Apart from the the standard 20/24 combination we offer hard to find spoke hole hubs and hubs for 2:1 (16:8 or 14:7) lacing as well as straight pull hubs.

Our Spokes






Thread Diameter at head Weight (264mm) Hub Variants
in stock
applications Anmerkungen
Aero424 2,2mm 0,9mm 2mm x 9,5mm 2mm 4,5g Normal J,SP,bl light weight like CX-Ray
Aero418 1,2mm 5,5g J,SP,bl Disc-/Drive Side like CX-Sprint
Aero474 1,5mm 6,5g J,SP,bl,si Disc-/Drive Side stronger than 418
Aero494 3,0mm 1,2mm 6,5g Aero/Keyhole J,SP,bl,si,w,r Disc-/Drive Side / Aero strong and wide
Aero394T 5,0mm 1,1mm 2,3mm 8,5g Straight Pull 2,3mm SP,bl Aero >50mm rim awesomw aero look

 J = J-Bend; SP = Straight Pull; bl = black; w = white; si = silver; r = red